whats cookin in the montezuma kitchen?

1411878449910 As suggested, the charming boys of U PPL, (the ones urging you to break expensive things) are up next on the menu. I have been asked recently on the streets if there’s ANY reason to buy this E.P., and I tell them yes. AMERICANT DREAM by U PPL reminds me of that XMas at Grandma’s when I heard gun shots outside. Can’t ever forget it.
Expected to be out sometime before Halloween, U PPL’s new E.P. AMERICANT DREAM has got to be the spookiest shit to scare kids with.



Always, from any one point in space/time, there are things to come. Sometimes even things that have happened. It’s all relative to abilities and location. But, I don’t really give a shit about any of the specifics. Point is, the time has come. After hiatus and after a “finding ourselves” phase, out of the gutter is rising a majestic angel. Her name is, Coming Soon. Hard at work at the lab of all things Montezuma we’ve, schemed, conspired, planned, organized, plotted, and performed area and route reconnaissance on some the greatest things to ever happen. There’s of course; music, comps, merch, shows, art shows, events, videos, things, and stuff even!¬†Just hold on to the sledge hammer, the state smashing and self liberating is on its way. GREAT SHIT TO COME.¬†